Helping Reduce Air Leaks & Noise In Your Home

Insulation Service for New Construction & Existing Homes

Rainbow Insulators offers a wide variety of insulation types, matched with excellent service, a commitment to quality work, and the use of an industry leading brand. Whether planning to build a new home or looking into remodeling your current one, quality insulation should be an important part of your planning and investment process. Insulation can have a great effect on how comfortable your home stays during the summer or winter, and helps save on monthly energy bills. There are other added benefits such as of noise reduction and resale value of your home.

Products We Use

Rainbow Insulators uses Knauf fiberglass batting, Champion Cellulose Insulation and offers limited spray foam insulation for a variety of applications. For new construction, we offer a complete thermal barrier before drywall is installed. We can also work with you and your existing home to get your attic or other spaces upgraded with insulation.  Rainbow Insulators is also proud to be a member of the Madison Area Builders Association and Better Business Bureau.

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